Climate Action Social Ride

Join us on the first climate action Social Ride! Cycle to Victoria for the Climate Strike this Friday September 27th! Leaving on the 7.50 ferry, back on the 5! We’re in!

The bus has limited room, two bikes only. Anyone with bike racks could also help folks get to or from the ferry, particularly for non-ebikes, we welcome your assistance. Let’s organise. Have an extra bike or ebike to share? Invite a friend!

Bring water, snacks, wear visible clothing, use blinky lights, wear a sign if you like, dress in layers, gloves and scarves are useful, bring along chargers, charge fully right before leaving, bring a pump, tools, patch kit. Check your tire pressure is up, check your chain is clean and oiled, brakes are in good order, wear a helmet.

We will help each other and stick together!

For more information write to Let me know where you will set out from so we can connect.