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Island Pathways Constitution & By-Laws

ANNUAL REPORTS, click on the dates to read. Note that each year’s report is for the previous fiscal year, from August 01 to August 01.
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Twenty-Five Years & Counting: Island Pathways 1988-2013
Partners Creating Pathways Inventory:  map & info’ kiosks, interpretive signage, benches

“A Salt Spring Gander”, 2-page piece about how a bikeway through Salt Spring will tie in with Vancouver Island regional trails.
Source: Cycle Therapy magazine, Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, Fall 2013, pages 9 – 10.


  1. 1992 Letter of Agreement between Islands Trust and the Ministry of Transportation & Highways, setting out road standards for Trust Islands, which remain current, with upgrades to include bike lanes;
  2. 1999 “Cycle Route Inventory” by Islands Trust, a $20,000 study;
  3. 2005 “SSI-Bikeway-Review” of the 1999 “SSI Cycle Route Inventory” by John Luton, to set priories; ~$7K paid for by SSI-CRD on behalf of the SSI Regional Trail Task Force;
  4. 2013 “Pedestrian & Cycling Master Plan: SSI Edition” by Alta Planning Group, premier U.S. cycling-infrastructure planners, an $11,000 bargain paid for by CRD Victoria, built on years of Island Pathways volunteer work;
  5. PCMP: SSI Editon “Community Compendium” by Torill Gillespie, donated labour for course credit in the UBC School of Community & Regional Planning, covering all of the by-laws, OCP, and community supports for improved active-transportation on Salt Spring;
  6. 2013 Ganges Hill Biking and Walking Feasibility Study” by J.E. Anderson Engineering for the SSI Transportation Commission, $33K of $50K dedicated by Gary Holman in 2008 to SSI pedestrian & cycling route feasibility studies;
  7. 2013 “Fulford Terminal Master Plan Upgrades Road Widening” by McElhanney Engineering for MoTI, for an unFOI-able cost;
  8. 2015 2015 Structure and Road Inventory Report” (2013 Road Data) by McElhanney Engineering for MoTI, at Island Pathways’ request, following a 2013 crash on the Fulford-Ganges Rd that killed a 3-year-old, using a Road Comfort Index, done driving a vehicle,  and Pavement Condition assessment, no RCI for cyclists, costing an unFOI-able amount;
  9. 2016 “Salt Spring Island Road Condition Assessment“, Appendix D of the “SSI Incorporation Final Report” by Urban System for the B.C. government;
  10. 2017 “How to Build a Bikeway Through Salt Spring Island” by Brenda Guiled 1970s-2017 summary of road studies & works;
  11. 2017 PowerPoint “SSI Roads & Road Infrastructure” by Brenda Guiled SSI roads history, past and projected costs;
  12. 2018 “Gulf Islands Regional Trail Plan” by CRD Parks & Trails.

LOBBYING CORRESPONDENCE with B.C.’s MoTI and MoH ministers, MLA Adam Olsen, + CCs re: upgrading Salt Spring’s main route from Fulford to Vesuvius:
Letter 1 — 2021 October, with Fulford-Ganges Road 25-year crash-deaths data sheet
Letter 2 — 2021 November, with injured-cyclists map of Salt Spring
Letter 3 — 2022 January, reply from B.C. government
Letter 4 — 2022 February,  response, with 9 reasons why the work is needed, deserved, and would be $$ well-spent