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Contract Position Posting for – Outreach Director

The Cycling Committee of Island Pathways Island has secured a $50,000 federal Active Transportation Fund grant. We are recruiting an Outreach Director to contract with Island Pathways to oversee the project. The position will report to the Active Transportation committee of Cycling Salt Spring.  It will be a part time contract from April 1, 2023 to Dec 31, 2023 with the potential to extend into 2024.

The vision of the project is to build awareness and a stronger presentation about the Salt Spring Island section of the Salish Sea Trail Network to attract major trail construction funding and future grants.

Activities will include engaging the community (on Island and off-Island among non-profit, business and education sector stakeholders). Framework and project documents and plans will be created to share with the public, outlining past and future work towards the Trail.  The work will be conducted in recognition and support of the Salish Sea Trail Network Working Group which, among others, includes key elected officials and public sector stakeholders.


Please submit the following before March 11, 2023

  1. A statement explaining your experience and qualifications for this project

  2. A two-page summary of how you would develop and implement an awareness campaign

  3. Your resume

  4. Provide a reference from a similar project (brief project description, name of reference, title, mobile #)

  5. Your expected hourly rate for compensation

  6. Your availability – for example “20 hours weekdays plus Saturdays only, not Sundays”

  7. Contact name, address, mobile # and email address



To Bob MacKie President@IslandPathways.ca before March 11, 2023

For more information call Bob at 250 537-6312.