Hearty thanks to all who help in big and small ways.  Every contribution is important and makes a difference.

Gary Holman, Bike to Vote photo, 2014
Gary served for six years as Salt Spring’s CRD Director, spearheading 10 significant new projects that continue to enhance island life. One of these was the SSI Transportation Commission in 2007, making construction of active-transportation infrastructure possible on island. Island Pathways then got to work, building 10 pathway sections over the next 10 years, completing its commitment to the Ganges Village Pathway Network.
Gary then served as New Democratic Party Member of the B.C. Legislative Assembly from 2014 in 2017. He remains a staunch supporter of Island Pathways initiatives.

Adam Olsen
In 2017 May, Adam Olsen was elected as MLA for Saanich North and the Islands. While campaigning, he became familiar with Island Pathways’ work and aspirations. He is working enthusiastically to help realize the decades-old dream of building a bikeway through Salt Spring, connected to a nearly completed world-class trail network on Vancouver Island.
Stay tuned for reports on how this can and will happen.